Wizards: Tales Of Acardia Season 2: Show has been canceled however a new surprise is awaiting!

Guillermo del Toro’s Tales of Acardia has come up with it’s latest installment with the name Wizards: Tales Of Acardia. The third installment in the latest addition to the previous shows namely Trollhunters and 3Below. The publication of the show is done by Dream Works Animation. The animated series is also available on Netflix. In this show the prime focus shifts from trolls and aliens to wizards which played a minor role in trolls. The show reveals the hidden truth about the Battle of Killahead Bridge. SO without any further delay let’s hop into all the latest updates from the next season.

Is there going to be Wizards: Tales Of Acardia Season 2?

Sadly and unfortunately there is going to be no second season of the show. The show won’t be given the renewal status for the next season. It might be coming as a shock because both Trollhunters and 3Below had three to two seasons each. However, the question that arises now so what now? There have been several unresolved problems that have not been shown in the Wizards. Therefore, on the brighter note, the concluding part of the wizards will get released by the name of Trollhunters: Rise Of Titan. So rather than expecting Wizards: Tales Of Acardia Season 2 we will be getting another show which might give a proper ending to this series.

As discussed earlier, there is going to be no season 2 of Wizards. However, there is an upcoming show that is the Tollhunters: Rise Of Titan. The show has been scheduled to get released in 2021. However, as of now, there hasn’t been any fixed release date of the show. But we might get to see the show by early 2021.

Detailed Plotline of Wizards: Tales Of Acardia Season 2

In Wizards season 1 we saw that Jim has finally been saved from the corruption which has been poisoning the heart. The Green Knight has also been defeated and Douxie turns himself from an apprentice to a wizard who is trying to save the world.

But there are several mysteries that are unresolved. The question that arises how are the heroes of Acardia going to defeat the Arcane Order? Wizards season 1 showed the demi gods who have the control authority over magic and have been trying to destroy humanity. Doxie with his sharp clever mind manages to swap the Genesis Seals for Nari and manages to buy himself some more time also keeping the forest spirit safe. However, this doesn’t stop the Arcane Order to continue with his evil deeds. He again begins to regroup to destroy humanity. This mystery of what is going to happen next and how are they going to save the world will probably be the main highlight of the new show.

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