KKR versus CSK Highlights: Kolkata Knight Riders beat Chennai Super Kings by 10 runs

Kolkata Knight Riders beat Chennai Super Kings by 10 runs

End of 20th over: And Kolkata Knight Riders have done it. They have defended a par total of 168 against heavyweights
Chennai Super Kings. They win by 10 runs to register their third win of the tournament. Restrict CSK at 157/5 after 20 overs.
Absolutely unbelivable from CSK. They were 90 for 1 after 10 overs and just couldn’t get runs in the next 10. Quite a few things
to ponder upon for MS Dhoni and Co. before their next match.
End of 19th over: And the game now has almost slipped away from the hands of Chennai. An excellent over from Sunil Narine.
Gives away 10 runs but gives a 26-run cushion to Andre Russell.
18.2 overs: FOUR! A much-needed boundary for Chennai. Kedar Jadhav hits Sunil Narine to the right of the long-on fielder and
manages four runs. CSK now need 31 off 10 balls.

End of 18th over: A terrific over from Andre Russell comes to an end. Three runs and the wicket of Sam Curran from it. This
chase has become really tense now for Chennai. Kedar Jadhav and Ravindra Jadeja are out there in the middle but are finding
it hard to get going straightaway. CSK 132/5, need another 36 runs off 12 balls.
17.1 overs: OUT! Another one bites the dust. This time its Sam Curran, who hits the ball straight to Eoin Morgan at extra covers.
CSK cracking down under pressure. Andre Russell strikes on the very first ball of his spell. CSK 129/5
16.3 overs: OUT! Big wicket for KKR and they are right back in the game. After getting hit for a boundary previous ball, Varun
Chakravarthy bounces back in style. Cleans up MS Dhoni with the top spinner. Dhoni departs for 11. CSK now will be under a bit
of pressure. Although they still have 6 wickets remaining. CSK 129/4
15.5 overs: SIX! FOUR! Much-needed boundaries for CSK and that will surely ease off some pressure. Required run rate has
now come under 11. Sam Curran takes on Sunil Narine and hits him for a six and a four straight down the ground off
consecutive balls. CSK 123/3
End of 15th over: Another tight over from KKR. This time its Varun Chakravarthy. 6 runs from it and this chase has suddenly
become tense for CSK. The required rate has crept up to 11.6. In the last 4 overs CSK have only managed 16 runs and lost a
couple of wickets and that to of set batsmen Ambati Rayudu and Shane Watson. CSK 110/3, need another 58 off 30 balls
13.1 overs: OUT! And straight after the break Sunil Narine strikes for KKR. And it is the big wicket of Shane Watson. Narine traps
him right in front. Watson goes for the review but the umpire’s call prevails. Watson falls for 50 off 40. CSK 101/3
50 for Shane Watson!
A terrific knock from the CSK opener in this tricky run chase. Gets to his 21st IPL fifty off just 39 balls including 6 fours and a six.
Watson has brilliantly anchored this innings and CSK will now hope that Watson sees them home through. CSK 101/2, need
another 67 off 42 balls.
100 up for Chennai Super Kings!
Shane Watson 49* off 36 balls
MS Dhoni 1* off 2 balls
CSK 100/2 after 12.3 overs, need another 68 off 45 balls
12.1 overs: OUT! Kamlesh Nagarkoti finally gets the breakthrough for Kolkata. Ambati Rayudu hits the ball straight down the
throat of Shubman Gill at long-on. Rayudu falls for 30 and KKR now have an opening in this game. CSK 99/2
End of 11th over: Four runs from Pat Cummins final over but more importantly he is not able to get the much-needed
breakthrough for KKR. Sunil Narine now finally comes in to bowl his first over. CSK 94/1
Halfway through!
9.6 overs: FOUR! Shane Watson chasing this total in style. Another boundary for him. This time he hits Kamlesh Nagarkoti in the
deep extra-cover region to pick up four more. Pat Cummins now comes in to bowl his final over. A wicket here will bring KKR
right back into this game. CSK 90/1 after 10 overs, need another 78 runs off 60 balls.
End of 9th over: Another good over for Chennai as Shane Watson and Ambati Rayudu collect 9 runs from it. KKR still not
managing to restrict both of them from scoring boundaries. The required rate is only 8.8 at the moment and CSK are looking
pretty comfortable out there in the middle. CSK 78/1

6.6 overs: FOUR! Surgically placed in the gap. Ambati Rayudu finishes Varun Chakravarthy’s first over with a four in the midwicket region. 8 runs from Varun’s first over and CSK going strongly in this chase of 168. CSK 62/1
5.3 overs: SIX! A cracking six this time from Shane Watson. Short-pitched delivery from Shivam Mavi and Watson pulls it in style
to collect a maximum in the deep mid-wicket region. 50 comes up for CSK with that terrific strike. CSK 52/1
End of 5 overs: Another good over for Chennai Super Kings as Shane Watson and Ambati Rayudu collect 9 from it including a
boundary. KKR just not managing to put enough pressure on CSK at the moment. They are easily managing a boundary every
over. Pat Cummins has bowled 3 overs already and now Shivam Mavi is going to bowl his third over from the other end. CSK
3.4 overs: OUT! Shivam Mavi strikes for Kolkata Knight Riders. Gets the crucial breakthrough. Once again Faf du Plessis tries to
clear the in-field on the off side but this time only manages to edge it straight to wicket-keeper Dinesh Karthik. Du Plessis
departs for 17. CSK 30/1
2.5 overs: FOUR! Another cracking pull shot from Faf du Plessis. This time against Pat Cummins. Short from Cummins and Faf
wasted no time on that one. Dispatches it to the deep mid-wicket fence. CSK 25/0
1.6 overs: FOUR! FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries for Faf du Plessis. Two cracking shots from du Plessis to finish the Shivam
Mavi’s first over. Goes over extra-covers on the first occasion and then smacks the short ball from Mavi to the square-leg fence.
CSK 18/0
End of 1st over: FOUR! A cracking boundary from Shane Watson through covers to finish the first over from Pat Cummins.
Shivam Mavi to share the new ball with Cummins from the other end. CSK 6/0
In-form Shane Watson and Faf du Plessis arrive in the middle to start the Chennai Super Kings chase of 168. Pat Cummins has
the new ball in hand for Kolkata Knight Riders. A slip in place for him. Watson on strike. Here we go!
Innings break
Kolkata Knight Riders 167 all out against Chennai Super Kings
Rahul Tripathi 81
Dwayne Bravo 3/37
Karn Sharma 2/25

End of 20th over: A terrific final over over from Dwayne Bravo. 2 wickets for him and a run out in the final six balls and CSK
have managed to bowl out KKR for 167. MS Dhoni took a blinder on the penultimate ball of the innings to dismiss Shivam Mavi
and a run out on the final ball restricts KKR to a par total after they got off to a good start.
18.5 overs: OUT! And straight after hitting a boundary, Dinesh Karthik cuts the next ball straight into the hands of Shardul
Thakur at third man. Karthik departs for 12 as Kolkata fail to press the accelerator in the death overs. KKR 162/7
18.4 overs: FOUR! That would have been a stunner if Ravindra Jadeja would have held onto that. Dinesh Karthik shuffles across
and hits Dwayne Bravo’s delivery in the deep mid-wicket fence. Jadeja sprints and gets to the ball with a dive but fails to hold.
The ball rolls over to the fence.
17.6 overs: SIX! Pat Cummins launches Shardul Thakur’s final ball of the spell into the deep mid-wicket stand. A good over for
Kolkata as Cummins and Dinesh Karthik collect 14 from it. 150 also came up for KKR with that strike. Shardul finishes with
figures of 4-0-28-2. KKR 154/6
16.5 overs: OUT! And Dwayne Bravo gets the crucial wicket of Rahul Tripathi. First wicket for him in IPL 2020
(https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/cricket/ipl). Full-length delivery from Bravo and Rahul tries to guide it to the thirdman region. Instead hits it straight to Shane Watson at short third-man. The umpires went upstairs to check whether it was a
bump ball but replays confirm that the ball cleanly got the edge before going straight to Watson’s hands. Rahul falls after a wellmade 81. KKR 140/6
16.3 overs: FOUR! Short outside off from Dwayne Bravo and well-set Rahul Tripathi cuts it over the point fielder and the ball
races to the fence. KKR 138/5
15.2 overs: OUT! Andre Russell falls cheaply and quickly. Back of a length delivery from Shardul Thakur and Russell goes for
the wild hoick on the on-side. Outside edge off Russell’s bat and MS Dhoni makes no mistake behind the stumps. No Russell
show today as he walks back for 2. KKR 128/5
14.4 overs: SIX! Once again Deepak Chahar drifts down the leg side and Rahul Tripathi this time flicks in over the fine-leg fence.

13.6 overs: OUT! Another wicket for Chennai Super Kings. This time Sam Curran surprises Eoin Morgan with the short-pitched
delivery and he gloves it straight to MS Dhoni. CSK controlling KKR at the moment with regular wickets. They have just not
allowed KKR batsmen to go after the bowlers. Morgan departs for 9 and in comes Andre Russell. KKR 114/4
End of 13th over: An excellent spell from Karn Sharma comes to an and. Gives away just 4 runs in his final over. He finishes with
figures of 4-0-25-2. Came in place of Piyush Chawla and has done brilliantly this evening. KKR 109/3
10.5 overs: OUT! An excellent relay catch from Ravindra Jadeja and Faf du Plessis at the deep mid-wicket fence. Sunil Narine
goes for the big hit but fails to time it properly. Jadeja throws himself towards the ball and grabs it with both hands. Slides after
landing and realises that he might touch the fence. Throws it to du Plessis converging in from long-on. Narine departs for 17 off
9 balls. Karn Sharma gets his second wicket. KKR 98/3
9.4 overs: SIX! Sunil Narine gets one in the middle as well. That was in the slot from Dwayne Bravo and Narine deposits it over
the extra-cover fence. KKR 87/2
50 for Rahul Tripathi!
His 5th in the IPL and what a response this has been from him to his promotion to the top. Races to his fifty off just 31 balls.
Gets there with a boundary off Dwayne Bravo.
8.1 overs: OUT! First wicket for Karn Sharma in IPL 2020. Nitish Rana goes for the hoick on the on-side but finds Ravindra
Jadeja at the fence. Rana walks back for 9 and Sunil Narina has come in at no.4. KKR 70/2
End of 8th over: Decent start from Dwayne Bravo. 6 runs from his first over. The partnership between Rahul Tripathi and Nitish
Rana has quickly moved to 33 off 22 balls. KKR 70/1
6.4 overs: SIX! Rahul Tripathi takes on Karn Sharma. Hits him over the long-on fence. Looked like Sam Curran for a moment
was in business at the boundary-line but the ball sails over him. KKR 61/1
5.4 overs: SIX! Rahul Tripathi at the other end is scoring at will. Slower ball from Deepak Chahar. Rahul picks it up early and
deposits it over the extra-cover fence. Rahul is looking in excellent tounch. Looking to make the most of the promotion in the
batting order. KKR 49/1
4.2 overs: OUT! Wicket in the first over for Shardul Thakur. Short from Shardul and Shubman Gill throws his bat at it in an
attempt to pull the ball on the on-side. Only manages to under edge it straight to MS Dhoni behind the stumps. Gill falls for 11 off
12 as Kolkata lose their first wicket. KKR 37/1
End of 4th over: FOUR! A boundary off the last ball and Sam Curran gives away 11 runs in his second over. A solid start for
Kolkata as Rahul and Shubman have got off to a strong start. KKR 36/0
End of 3rd over: FOUR! FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries from Rahul Tripathi on the on-side to end the second over from
Deepak Chahar. The first one was in the mid-wicket region and Rahul then pulls the last ball of the over fine to collect four runs
down the fine-leg region. KKR 25/0
2.2 overs: FOUR! Short from Deepak Chahar and Shubman Gill pulls it of the front foot. Gets his first boundary in the vacant
deep mid-wicket region. KKR 16/0
End of 2nd over: A tidy first over from Sam Curran at the other end. Just 4 from it. Deepak Chahar to continue. KKR 10/0
End of 1st over: Seven runs from Deepak Chahar’s first over including a boundary. Both Rahul Tripathi and Shubman Gill got off
the mark in that over from Chahar. Sam Curran to share the new ball from the other end. KKR 7/0
0.1 overs: FOUR! Boundary straightaway for Rahul Tripathi. Deepak Chahar straying on the leg side on the first two balls. The
first one was given wide down the leg side and the second was flicked away fine by Rahul to collect his first boundary. KKR 5/0
Batting order reshuffle for Kolkata Knight Riders as Shubman Gill and Rahul Tripathi come out to start their innings. Deepak
Chahar has the new ball in hand for Chennai Super Kings. A slip in place for Chahar. Rahul on strike. Here we go!

Chennai Super Kings: Shane Watson, Faf du Plessis, Ambati Rayudu, MS Dhoni(w/c), Kedar Jadhav, Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne
Bravo, Sam Curran, Karn Sharma, Shardul Thakur, Deepak Chahar
Kolkata Knight Riders: Shubman Gill, Sunil Narine, Nitish Rana, Andre Russell, Dinesh Karthik(w/c), Eoin Morgan, Pat Cummins,
Rahul Tripathi, Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Shivam Mavi, Varun Chakravarthy

Dinesh Karthik: “We’ll bat first. In the last two games when we batted first we did a good job. We have gone back and see what
we can do. We’re playing the same XI.”
MS Dhoni: “We’ve been chasing all this while anyway. We’ve had a few bad games and a few good ones, but we’re ready to do
anything. As the tournament progresses, you adapt to new questions and that is what happened in the last game. He openers’
approach was great to see. We have one change – Karn Sharma instead of Piyush Chawla.”
Team news: One change in CSK playing XI. Karn Sharma replaces Piyush Chawla. KKR go in with an unchanged XI.
Toss news: Kolkata Knight Riders skipper Dinesh Karthik wins toss, opts to bat against Chennai Super Kings in AAbu Dhabi.
Pitch report: “It’s the same pitch that was used yesterday. It is the fullish length that has gone for runs on this ground. The ball
does move around a little bit with the good hard length and that little movement is enough in T20s. There is decent carry, there
are a few more cracks but the grass is holding it well together. There shouldn’t be much help for the spinners. It looks a very
good cricketing pitch. There isn’t a lot of dew, so win the toss and bat first,” said Deep Dasgupta and Ajit Agarkar.
Match facts

  • MS Dhoni has never hit a boundary off Sunil Narine in the IPL.
  • In 12 meetings, Dhoni has just scored 29 off 59 balls against Narine and has got dismissed once.
  • MS Dhoni is one hit away from 300 sixes in T20s.
  • Russell needs two wickets to reach 300-mark in T20s

Old folks catching up!

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